So why a picture of these adorable animals? Well, because we are all different, and so are our tastes in jewelry.

I am always curious about what the most popular jewelry styles are.  So I began by reviewing references from the big company’s perspective.  I started reading about them from the States first because they are second, only to China, for jewelry sales.  This survey, done by Diamond Nexus, was completed by 3,700 women.


What Types of Jewelry Women Wear Regularly

Women wear earrings 87% of the time.  This is followed by a necklace or pendant 64%, fashion rings 53%, and bracelets 47%.  

What Type of Earrings Do You Like To Wear?

I found this interesting.  87% of women prefer stud earrings, 38% like hoops, and 37% like drop earrings.

Personally, I have found that my earring style has changed with the pandemic. I now prefer earrings that are lever-backed so that I don’t lose my earrings. I also prefer them to be smaller in size, for the same reason. Has your style changed?

In What Kind of Jewelry Would You Be Most Likely to Wear Colored Stones?

Again, this fascinated me because I tend to lean towards color!  In this study, 63% earrings, 51% rings, 46% necklace or pendant, and 34% bracelet.  There were 13% who never were colored gems.

What are your favorite gemstones? Mine are sapphires, lapis lazuli, and chrysoprase.

How Do You Wear Bracelets?

47% of the women said they stacked their bracelets, and 39% wear just one bracelet.  Of the women surveyed, 51% prefer tennis bracelets, 26% like bangles, and 21% like adjustable bracelets.

I didn’t catch on to bangles until I made one. That’s when I became hooked!

What Style of Necklace Do You Prefer?

Of the women surveyed, 64% preferred a solitary pendant, 34% liked a halo pendant, 22% like statement necklaces, 19% prefer a bar necklace and 19% like a multi-stone pendant.

I tend to prefer something different. And, I also like it to have personal meaning. This can be the choice of gemstone or the originality of how the necklace or pendant was made.

Do You Like Statement Rings Or Bands?

52% of the women preferred statement rings, and 37% like statement bands.

Of these women, 74% preferred their statement rings to feature a large stone, and 26% preferred having many smaller stones in their statement rings.

My fingers are small. Some statement rings surprise me with how comfortable they are to wear. But for the most part, I like something original and likely medium in size.

So Where Do You Stand on Your Preferences for Jewelry?

I’m curious.  Though this jewelry survey was not about handmade jewelry,  the results fascinated me.

I gave you hints of what my preferences are.  Please let me know what yours are and if they match the ones given in this survey.  

Did you wear different jewelry when you used to travel?  If so, what kind?

Do you prefer statement jewelry, or more classical style jewelry?

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