When I’m making jewelry, I’m going with my heart and inspiration of the time.  Sometimes I get inspired by a word, gemstone, a picture, or something in nature.  It’s always changing.  But for any of us, when we choose to wear certain jewelry, it tends to go with our personality, where we are going, or even our position at work.  For example, as a nurse, I certainly could not wear certain types of rings that could puncture the nitrile gloves.

Your Personality

The jewelry you wear reveals a bit of your personality.  It shows your style.  Women who wear oversized gold hoops are often fun and outgoing, while those who wear mismatched earrings are creative and bold.



A person who likes to wear large pieces of jewelry, such as big hoop earrings or statement necklaces or rings, is likely to be an active, social, and bubbly person.  This person is usually the life of the party and so much fun to be with!


These women are usually neat, organized, and responsible.  They like their jewelry to match and to complement what they are wearing.  Wearing pearls actually tells others that you care deeply about other’s who tend to seek out your opinion.

Down To Earth

Down To Earth people usually love nature and have an appreciation for the earth.  They love wearing jewelry that reflects these beliefs, such as sea glass, seashells, peacock feathers, wood, etc.


You love jewelry that comes with a story.  Name brands don’t call you.  Antique, bold, and unique jewelry are forms of art to you.


These are people who love diamond stud earrings and solitaire engagement rings.  They could also be jewelry that goes with everything.  This classic style is also usually represented in the clothes you wear and your home furnishings.


Big bling is not your style.  You are someone who likes a little sparkle in small jewelry pieces.  Your personality is thoughtful, and your habits tend to be orderly.


What Jewelry Means to You

Wearing jewelry can be a way to express yourself, complete an outfit, and make a statement.  Some people love hearing the sounds of their bangles as they move on their wrists.  Still, others enjoy the sparkle of a small gemstone earring.  Either way, jewelry has been used to adorn our bodies and to bring extra beauty to life.


So what jewelry type are you?  Let me know in the comments.

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