Like so many people, COVID-19 turned a big part of my life upside down. Early this year I was just starting to get excited about Market season beginning, and then the Health & Safety protocols shut them down. My background in nursing certainly played a big part in both my understanding, but also in my actions to follow all the protocols.

There was something else though that happened. My website host canceled my .com website and made it .ca without my knowledge. So this had me really perplexed!

I knew my website needed some serious help, but had no idea where to start. But clearly, life, as we all knew it, changed abruptly, and I knew I must do the same.

On Facebook, I found Vicki Jakes at Way Out Far, and I signed up for her 5 Day Challenge. For me, she was a blessing because I had found the mentor I needed! I didn’t grow up with computers and only got one out of a need for work. I can definitely get by, but I had some serious learning to do to have a working website, as Markets are out for the foreseeable future. And I really wanted to build something I could be proud of, and that would be user friendly for you.

So here I am today! Welcoming you to a website that I truly hope you find it easy to navigate. Please check back often, as only a fraction of my products are listed so far. Also, let me know if you are looking for something particular, after all, the holidays are upon us! There is something special about giving something that was hand made locally.

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