Many of you have asked about what it takes to create a market space.  As you know, September 12, 2021, was my last summer market.

Since then I have been in class learning about marketing.  No rest for this one!

Walking down an empty street

An Empty Street Transformed

So it all begins with an empty street.  Well, in actuality, it began months prior to this with applying to the Market and being accepted. The car gets packed up and we’re off, arriving early to find out where I am to set up my tent.

Each time it’s exciting.  I never know what to expect.  I do my best to choose different jewelry pieces to display before arriving.  And, to be organized!

Setting up the tent, tables, and weights

Putting Up the Tent, Weights, and Tables

The car is unloaded, the tent put up, and weights put in place.  The wind is the biggest obstacle to me because jewelry is light.  And yes, I have lost jewelry in the Fraser River at a market in New Westminster!  So I do my best to protect them!  This is also why the tables are strategically placed. I just bought these new weights which I think are helping.

This year I also put up a sneeze guard.  It takes two people to get it set up, but I was grateful to have it.  If COVID has taught me anything, it’s to be respectful of everyone’s state of well-being.  So I also had hand sanitizer there for you as well.

Setting up my jewelry

Yes, I’m surprised at having my picture taken!  I was concentrating on what earrings to put out, and where to put them on my display.

You can see that I’m making progress though.  The walls of the tent are up, as well as my banner, and stands to display the jewelry.

Free Draw

So if you’ve been following me for a while you will recognize the red bowl in the center of the table.  I always do a Free Draw for each market.  For those of you who are new, I will be asking you for your input on my next Free Draw.  So stay tuned. You’ll have to read my next blog to meet the winner!

The Silverfinch Jewelry Design tent is up and ready for you!

All Set Up for the Day!

The sun came out, I have my coffee, and there is my tent, banners, and jewelry all ready to greet you.

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