Valentines Day is romantic with whomever you love, which is why I said, Beloved. It could be your wife, your husband, or your child. And, we have just had Christmas, so I want to create some jewelry for you that is affordable. Be the hero. Be your Beloved’s Forever, but don’t break the bank along the way. That said, You are your own, Beloved. Nothing wrong with getting yourself that something special too!


Faceted Rainbow Sapphire Bead Earrings
Faceted Rainbow Sapphire Bead Earrings

Valentine’s Day is the day set aside to gift your Beloved partner, spouse, child, or yourself, with a gift. Chocolates work, but jewelry is forever and speaks volumes.

You want to be the one who gets it right. Well, there is one thing you can do that couples have been doing for years, and this actually works. Have your

That Special “Something” for your Partner

Pressy Rose Totem Necklace

I have special necklaces that all have the theme of Love, be it a heart, a rose, or even the Chinese character love! Of course, you can always look at Necklaces to see if there is something else that would make the perfect gift.

There is a beautiful flush set Ruby ring that may catch your eye. So don’t limit yourself to just the “Valentine’s Day” page.

Original Earrings that She Won’t loose

Faceted Ruby Bead Earrings

I made six new bead earrings. I haven’t beaded in a while and my eyes reminded me of why! There is a Ruby pair and five Sapphire earrings. One is even a Sapphire rainbow pair of earrings. They are all different, and a way to get precious gemstones at a most reasonable price! I have actually discounted these by 25% through Valentine’s Day, 2022. So be sure to take advantage of them.

I mentioned that “she won’t lose” them. We’ve been wearing masks for a while now and many of us have lost precious earrings. Even though I use ear backings, with toques, masks on and off, and earrings, losses still seem to happen. What I’ve turned to for this very reason are lever-back ear wires. These six new pairs of earrings are all on lever-backs.

Classical Earrings that go with Anything Always

Be sure to check out “Shop Earrings” for more choices in gemstones, etc. There is a great variety to choose from.


Everything on the “Shop Valentine’s Day” page, which can be found under “Shop My Collection”, see the button below, is priced under $200.00. I did this because we just got through Christmas, and I really wanted to make things easier on you being the hero!

Remember, you can pick out your favorite piece of jewelry and have your partner purchase it. Nothing wrong with helping out with the selection! It’s a total win-win!

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