Ancient Women’s Ring


This Ancient Women’s Ring represents the strength and Wisdom of our women ancestors that resides in each of us today.

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Story:  This is a powerful Ancient Women’s Ring that features our ancestors.  I was feeling like I needed to do something positive after hearing the verdict on Roe vs Wade.  Women are strong and we will get through this.  The ring just makes me think that Love is Greater than Hate.  I hope it gives you the same feeling and reminds you of the Wisdom that is in each of us.  There are three dots on it, mostly because I like dots!  But, this ring can be personalized with small gemstones that represent your favorite color or your birthstone.  Yes, this is a ring I will be happy to duplicate!

Materials:  The ring is made with 960 Sterling Silver.

Measurement:  This ring is a Size 8 and measures 3/8″ wide.

Care:  Use your jewelry cloth to keep the shine in this ring.

Meaning:  The ancient world included powerful women rulers, among them impresses, pharaohs, and queens.  When I think of them I think of Wisdom.


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