Bird with Cherry Blossoms Necklace


This Bird with Cherry Blossoms Necklace is made with Sterling Silver, Copper, and Bronze. The Copper and Bronze make it antimicrobial.


Story:  This is a cold connection necklace.  This means that it is not soldered.  I use rivets to hold the metals together.  The necklace is made with both Copper and Bronze.  Therefore, touching this necklace frequently is a good idea because it is antimicrobial! This necklace goes well with work clothes or jeans and looks great layered.

Materials:  The front of the necklace is made with Sterling Silver and framed with Copper.  The back of the necklace and bail are made from patterned Bronze.  Both copper and bronze are antimicrobial. This one-of-a-kind Bird with Cherry Blossoms Necklace is perfect for its antimicrobial properties!  Read my Blog entitled Copper (  The necklace hangs on a 20″ Sterling Silver chain.

Measurement:  The necklace is 1 7/8″ wide and 1 5/8″ long.

Meaning:  Cherry blossoms are a symbolic flower of spring, a time of renewal in nature.  In China, cherry blossoms represent love, strength, and beauty. Whereas in Japan, they represent life, death, and renewal.


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