Black Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings

$145.52 PST 7%

These are classic black Akoya Pearl stud earrings that will go with anything you’re wearing, day or night.


Story:  I love these black Akoya pearl stud earrings. They are classic; therefore, they go with anything and everything, day or evening.  Also, stud earrings are easier to wear with masks.  You are less likely to lose an earring with stud earrings.

Link: Read my blog to learn about personality types and jewelry.  If you are also looking to buy a gift, this blog may be helpful in your decision-making. (https://silverfinchjewelrydesign.com/blog/WhatDoesYourJewelrySayAboutYou/)

Materials:  I made these black Akoya Pearl earrings with 0.925 Sterling Silver mountings.  These are saltwater pearls and come from Japan.  They are cultivated in the Akoya pearl oyster.

Measurements:  The Akoya Pearls are 5mm round.

Meaning:  Pearls are the ultimate symbol of wisdom.  They are also valued for their calming effects.


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