Blue Labradorite Stud Earrings

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These Blue Labradorite Stud Earrings are classic! You will always look fantastic in any outfit, day or night.


Story:  These are beautiful dark Blue Labradorite Stud Earrings. I found the iridescence hard to capture with my camera. Therefore, you will find them even more beautiful in person!  They are classic in their setting of 14K GF, therefore, they go with any outfit, casual to formal.

Care:  Use a mild soap and warm water with a soft brush to wash your Labradorite jewelry.  Then rinse in warm water and dry it with a soft clean cloth

Materials:  Oval Blue Labradorite and 14K GF are used with these earrings.

Measurement:  The Blue Labradorite gemstones measure 8x6mm.

Meaning:  Labradorite is named for where it was found.  What’s more, it was first found here in Canada, in the province of Labrador, on the Isle of Paul.  This gemstone is known for its incredible flash of changing colors, known as iridescence. It is the gemstone of transformation, enhancing the strength of will and inner worth.


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