Copper Swirls Cuff


This stunning Copper Swirls Cuff will delight you with the shimmering shine! And, remember that it’s antimicrobial. So touch it frequently!


Story:  Copper is such an amazing metal.  And the beautiful swirls in this Copper Cuff do not disappoint!

Materials:  Copper is an antimicrobial.  So in today’s world filled with flu and Omicron Covid makes this an ideal gift!

Measurement:  1 1/2″ wide

Care:  Read my Blog on Copper Facts, and the one on how to put on cuffs.  The shine can be kept bright by using your jewelry cloth.

Meaning:  The swirls in this cuff remind me of movement.  And they shimmer in the light.

NOTE:  This cuff is only available at the Winter Treasures Artisan Market from November 10 – December 22, 2022.  ITEM # CLA26.  For more information, please see my Events Page.


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