Double Heart Stud Earrings

$52.36 PST 7%

These handmade Fine Silver Double Heart Stud Earrings are perfect to wear when you have a baby or toddler because they aren’t dangly!


Story:  For these earrings, I was thinking of new moms and grandmothers.  Dangly earrings are usually out for moms with little ones, because it hurts when they pull on them!  But, you can still wear something small, bright, meaningful, and add that bling, without offering something tempting to grab!

Materials: These double heart stud earrings are made from Fine Silver, 99.9% Silver.  The ear posts and backings are made from Sterling Silver, 92.5% Silver.

Measurement:  The earrings are tiny, measuring just 6mm!

Meaning:  The double heart symbolizes the love for another, even though I was thinking of all the new babies being born!


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