Fine Silver Tiger’s Eye Pendant


Find strength and courage in our Tiger’s Eye Pendant. Empower your personal style with this gorgeous gemstone, and enjoy Canadian-only $20.00 postage.


Embrace the energy of our Tiger’s Eye Pendant.

This captivating piece exudes confidence and courage.

It is an empowering choice for those interested in gemstone jewelry.

The back of the pendant features a dragonfly on a tree.

The Tiger’s Eye Pendant is made from recycled Fine Silver Metal Clay (99.9% Silver) and hangs on an 18″ .925 Sterling Silver chain.

This pendant measures 1 1/4″ by 1″ and pairs beautifully with the Tiger’s Eye Earrings.

Keep the shine with your complimentary jeweler’s cloth to both clean and shine.  Don’t wash this cloth; you can use it until it is threadbare.

Enjoy Canadian-only postage for $20.00 with next-day delivery Monday through Friday.


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