Hand-Forged Leaf with Dewdrops


This beautiful heart-shaped leaf is hand-forged with dewdrops, exactly like I saw it on my walk after a rain. It always makes me smile.

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Story:  On a walk, I took often I would see these leaves that looked like hearts.  I drew the leaf and decided to hand-forge, (saw and hammer to shape)  this leaf.  I kept walking back to the tree to see if I got it right, but this time it had dewdrops on it.  It’s fun to share my adventures with you in my jewelry.

Materials:  I used 925 Sterling Silver to make this leaf.  There are two synthetic opals and blue topaz to simulate the sun shining on the leaf’s dew drops.  It hangs on an 18″ Sterling Silver chain.

Care:  Use a jewelers cloth to keep this leaf shining brightly.  Keep using the cloth until it becomes threadbare.  No matter how black it becomes, it will still work.

Meaning:  Green leaves depict hope, renewal, and revival.  And this particular tree always made me smile when I walked by.  I hope you can feel this in this pendant.  In general, leaves are symbolic of fertility and growth, and in Chinese tradition, the leaves of the Cosmic Tree represent all of the beings in the universe.


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