Mokume Gane Ring


This Mokume Gane ring is made with 950 Sterling Silver and Copper Metal Clay. No two rings will ever be alike.


Story:  This is my first Mokume Gane ring!  I am fascinated with creating a wood grain with metal clay!  Please read my blog entitled “What is Mokume Gane?”  I’m also fascinated with the process of making it.  And, truth be told, it took me three tries to get it right.  I do love learning these incredible new skills!  This is a ring that could easily be for a man or a woman.  The inside of the ring is 950 Sterling Silver only.

Materials:  950 Sterling Silver and Copper Metal Clay were combined to make this ring.  A patina has been used to age the copper.

Measurement:  This ring is Size 9 1/4.

Care:  Use your jeweler’s cloth to keep the shine.

Meaning:  Mokume Gane is an incredible technique of mixing different metals to form a wood grain.


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