Pacific Northwest Reflections Necklace

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The Pacific Northwest Reflections is a splurge-worthy necklace for someone who values original wearable art.

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Story:  The Pacific Northwest Reflections is a statement necklace for someone who values original wearable art.  It is simply a stunning piece with the brilliant sparkle of green of the land and forests, as well as the blue sea from Dichoric glass. There are so many birds here in British Columbia, to say nothing about how much I love them, and this particular bird carries a ruby right to your heart on the back of this pendant amongst the forests.  So actually, you can wear this pendant either way!  To top it off, the SS chain is adjustable and features a  cultured pearl at the end as a finishing touch.

Materials:  This necklace is made from .999 Fine Silver and hand-crafted from my drawing.  It has a 3mm Ruby on the back. There is a cultured pearl on the end of the 24″ Sterling Silver chain, which is adjustable depending on what you are wearing. Dichoric glass mosaic.

Measurements:  This necklace measures 1 7/8″ round.  The chain is adjustable at 24″.

Meaning: The Ruby is one of the four precious gemstones.  It’s associated with nobility, purity, and passion.  It is also thought to bring you good fortune.  The bird symbolizes protection, strength, and freedom because they roam the earth and sky.  The color blue symbolizes depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, & stability.  The color green symbolizes nature, growth, harmony, freshness, fertility, and the environment.


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