Small Bright Theta Globe

$278.20 PST 7%

This is a small, bright, shiny Theta Globe pendant with a Garnet CZ.


Story:  This is very finicky to make.  I originally wanted these to be earrings, but they were too heavy, therefore, you have two striking pendants to choose from.  This one is bright, shining silver.  The edges are trimmed with twisted wire and there is ornamentation throughout the globe.  And, there is a 2mm Garnet CZ (Cubic Zirconia). Check out the next one if you like darker silver with hues of color. You have a choice! This lightweight pendant is great for everyday wear.

Material:  I used 99.9% Fine Silver for the globe, as well as a 2mm Garnet CZ.  The pendant hangs on an 18″,  0.925 Sterling Silver chain.

Measurement:  The Theta Globe is 3/4″ round.


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