Tiger’s Eye Earrings

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These Tiger’s Eye Earrings have movement and depth, and are sure to delight! They feature gallery bezel settings and slip-resistant ear wires.


Story:  I fell in love with these gemstones as soon as I saw them, and you will too if they are in your color pallet.  These Tiger Eye Earrings have movement and are set in a gallery bezel to add sparkle.  This continues right up to your ear with the slip-resistant ear wires.

Materials:  These round Tiger’s Eye gemstones are set in 925 Sterling Silver.  And, the ear wires are slip-resistant.

Measurement:  The gemstones are 10mm round.

Care:  You can use a mild soap in lukewarm water to clean these earrings.  Then use a clean, soft, dry towel to dry them.  To keep the sparkle, use your jewelry cloth.  Remember, it will get black and look like it needs to be thrown in the wash, but don’t.  You will be able to use your jewelry cloth for years, in fact, until it’s thread-bare.

Meaning: Tiger’s Eye is the stone of courage, power, and protection. It helps you to maintain your presence and power in this physical world. Tiger’s Eye also protects you from the evil eye and can remove negative energies.  It is the stone of health and vitality.


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