It is such an honor to introduce you to my friend Joseph of Joseph Chiang Art. I have known him for years now. He has always been encouraging of me and my art journey. And, I have one of his beautiful Line of Love pendants, and a lucky ladybug as well.

Please Tell Me a Bit About Your Background

I am a self-taught artist that graduated from technical school with a focus in electrical engineering. It has been a joy to explore and learn about various artistic disciplines since my childhood, such as music, sculpture, logo design, and invention.

I was born in southern Taiwan and am the sixth of ten siblings.

Explain the Journey That Leads You To The Art Form That Called You

It was a long journey to arrive at this point in my career. Since my hobbies were so diverse, I didn’t know how to choose between my varied interests. At the time, most of my classmates found work in electrical engineering, so I chose that route as well.

I opened an audio shop two years after turning 30, but it wasn’t my passion. Therefore I ran a few different businesses along the way, to make ends meet. One of these businesses was a factory for cutting patterns and making stuffing for plush toys. Still, I didn’t find fulfillment in my work, and it was a struggle to find something that I loved whilst making ends meet.

Fortunately, my aunt Maria owned a jewelry manufacturing workshop that created all kinds of beads and pendants. She called to ask if I was interested in pottery. I didn’t know anything about pottery, but she said I could learn on the job. Since then, I spent day and night researching and practicing for a year, and completely immersed myself in the world of pottery. A year later aunt Maria and I built a ceramic jewelry manufacturing company selling products domestically and internationally.

How Did You Come To Decide To Make This a Business?

After running a successful business with my aunt Maria for a few years, I decided to branch out and focus on creating my own brand. I moved to Durban, South Africa for a fresh start, and became a full-time potter to explore my artistic vision. During this time, I participated in many regional and national exhibitions.

In 1997 I moved to Canada and opened my business as Joseph Clay Arts (now known as Joseph Chiang Art). I taught pottery classes for a period of time and sold my work at many craft markets. My art was also featured in major international ceramics competitions and exhibitions.

What Is Your Favorite Product? Or What Do You Like To Make The Best?

I created a series of sculptures called Line of Love Sculpture, and this series is my favorite creation to date. The lines and shapes from this sculpture design series were created in many sizes ranging from jewelry pieces to large-scale public art sculptures.

Where Does You Inspiration Come From?

My inspiration always comes from my sense of curiosity about various subject matters, such as nature, which leads to questions about how things form and develop. I then use my research to create and refine my designs.

How Would You Describe Yourself From Your Beginnings To Where You Are Now?

I’m a freelance art creator without any formal education or training. I am self-taught through experimentation and research, which is how I bring my creative process to life.

Where Would You Like To See Yourself in Five Years?

I am open to all possibilities, so I don’t usually set a specific plan for the future. I would like to continue doing what I love and doing it well.

How Do You Market Your Products?

I market my products in a variety of ways, mostly via meeting people at craft shows and showcasing my creations, so I have gained a following via word of mouth. I have a website and use social media to promote my work.

My pottery is recognizable because my signature is a lucky ladybug this is present on all my pieces. My glazing techniques are unique to each piece as they never turn out exactly alike.

What Is The One Piece Of Advice You Would Give To Anyone Thinking About Starting Their Own Business?

Do not be afraid to try something new. Throughout my career as an artist, I learned that no matter how hard you work, you cannot be successful without passion, patience, and imagination.


Facebook: josephchiangart

Instagram: @josephchiangart

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