I met Linda in my first silversmithing class, and we became friends. This is where we learned to use a torch and move beyond the types of jewelry we had both been making for years.

Please Tell Me a Bit About Your Background

I was very fortunate to be raised in an atmosphere where creativity was the norm, and many items around the house were hand creations. When you are raised in this surrounding, it is pretty easy to pick up something and start creating.

Explain Your Journey That Lead You to The Art Form That Called You

It is only recently that I started working with silver and other metals. My beginnings were with threads and beads, and sometimes, wire and beads. Those ideas and works started other creation thoughts exploding in my mind. I tried to take the time to sketch any new ideas I had, even at an early age, and at times refer back to some of these ‘sketches for inspiration. since I worked with wire metal, it was an easy transition to begin a journey to sheet metals and new ideas.

How Did You Come To Decide To Make This a Business?

I didn’t really think about a business. But then, friends and family encouraged me to move my handmade home crafts to a business…little did I know!!!

Business Names Are Important. How Did You Come Up With Your Business Name?

I have always called myself Linda Designs as, over the years, I have worked with many mediums, so I never wanted to peg myself as only a textile designer, or beadwork and wire designer, or for that matter, even a jewellery designer. This way, I can create anything under Linda Designs.

What is Your Favorite Product? Or What Do You Like to Make The Best?

As my moods change, so do my favorites! Right now, I am enjoying working with a ‘fold-form’ technique on silver sheet.

Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

My inspiration comes from what I see mostly on my daily walks…a leaf fluttering to the ground or the Ginko leaves that are now taking shape this spring. A wave brings a new idea, and the drops in the puddles during the rains make for new ideas to form. A beautiful small bowl on a plate adds another idea to my memory bank.

How Would You Describe Yourself From Your Beginnings to Where You Are Now?

Since I have been in a creative family atmosphere all my life, I have not really thought of a beginning, the journey, or where I am now. However, I do know I am enjoying the path taken and certainly look forward to where that path brings me in the future.

Where Would You Like To See Yourself In 5 Years?

Five years…how time flies!  I hope to move my business from me to us so I have more time to create and expand on this journey.  The ‘we’ would be more assistance with markets and, hopefully, more markets as we move forward.

How Do You Market Your Products?

Since the pandemic through a wrench in all markets, I have had the opportunity to build a website with e-commerce.  Although it hasn’t been the same as market sales, it is still another new adventure.  I market (pre-pandemic) at various outdoor events, including New West Crafts in New Westminster and similar Mission Burnaby events. Coquitlam and Vancouver.  

What is the one piece of advice you would give to anyone who is thinking about starting their own business?

If you are moving from a part-time hobby to starting your own business, remember that a business is a full-time proposition if you want to be successful.

Website:  lindajewellerydesigns.com

FB: lindachow.731

Instagram: lindadesigns2

Twitter:  lindadesigns3

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