Apatite and Tourmaline Beaded Necklace


Radiate natural beauty with our Apatite & Tourmaline Beaded Necklace with a cascade of colors inspired by nature’s palette.


Radiate natural beauty with our Apatite & Tourmaline Necklace with a cascade of colors inspired by nature’s palette.

Tiny faceted Apatite beads are mixed with smooth, oval Tourmaline beads.

Both gemstones are highlighted with 14K Gold Filled beads and a 14K Gold Vermeil Tree of Life, the focal point.

Vermeil is considered the best 14K Gold alternative because it has a base of Sterling Silver, not brass or copper Gold filled, and is layered with 100+ MLS of 24K Gold!

The Apatite & Tourmaline Beaded Necklace is 20″ with a 2″ dangle of two Tourmaline beads and the Tree of Life.

This versatile necklace would look great with jeans, on a working professional, or on that particular date.

This Apatite & Tourmaline Beaded Necklace pairs perfectly with the Tourmaline Dangly Earrings.

You can wash the gemstones with mild soap in lukewarm water. Rinse and pat dry with a soft, clean cloth.

Apatite is a stone of manifestation related to service and humanitarian pursuits.

It stimulates the development of our spiritual attunement, deepening meditation and aiding communication and self-expression on all levels.  

Tourmaline symbolizes compassion and gentleness, and it also represents love and spirituality.

It boosts our inner strength and wisdom because this stone unites the heart and body in love and passion.

The Tree of Life represents personal growth, strength, and beauty.

Keep your 14K gold-filled beads and the Vermeil Tree of Life shining with your complementary jewelry cloth. Don’t ever wash your jewelry cloth. You can use it until it is threadbare.

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