Copper Leaf Necklace

$143.38 PST 7%

This stunning handmade copper leaf necklace started as a sheet of metal. It can be worn layered or on its own. It is antimicrobial too!


Story:  This leaf necklace started as a sheet of copper.  It was hammered and shaped into this lovely leaf that is suitable to adorn any outfit!  Because the leaf is 100% copper, it’s antimicrobial too!

Materials:  The leaf is pure copper.  Both the bail and the chain are Sterling Silver.  The chain is 20″ long.

Measurement:  This leaf necklace is 3″ long and 1 3/8″ wide.

Meaning:  Leaves symbolize hope, renewal, fertility, and growth.

Link:  (https://silverfinchjewelrydesign.com/blog)


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