Gold Heart Stud Earrings

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These 3mm 14K Yellow Gold Heart Earrings ooze with love and compassion. They are classic and worthy of an heirloom.

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Story:  These are beautiful Gold Heart Stud Earrings.  I’ve been asked to please make something in gold.  Some ask because of allergies.  Others ask because they simply love gold.  What better reason?  But as you know, gold is expensive.  So, I’m starting small to see what you think!  I just wrote about them in my What’s New in July 2021 Blog.  I need and want your input.  Your voice counts with me!

Gold sparkles.  To me, there’s nothing like it, even though I also love Fine Silver.  You can wear gold with any outfit.  And these heart earrings are good no matter your age.  They would even be perfect for someone with multiple holes.

Care:  Just use your jewelry cloth to keep them sparkling.  You can also wash them with a mild soap in warm, not hot, water.  And always use a clean soft towel to dry your jewelry.

Materials:  14K Yellow Gold, and that’s it!

Measurement:  These studs are just 3mm.  So they are as tiny as I said they were!

Meaning:  Gold is a precious metal that is associated with wealth, grandeur, and prosperity.  It symbolizes love, compassion, courage, passion, and wisdom.  Now combine that with the symbolism of the heart and it inspires knowledge, generosity, compassion, and love.


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