Phoenix Rising Pendant


The Phoenix Rising Pendant was born when I heard that phrase describing Ukrainians. The pendant is a remarkable statement of courage.

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Story:  This is the pendant I spoke about with Sheryl MacKay on North By Northwest on May 15, 2022!  I was listening to the news and heard a reporter say that the Ukrainian people were like a Phoenix Rising.  That’s all it took for me!  I knew at that moment that I had to make a Phoenix in their honor.  It is all hand-made in pieces and then put together and carved.  It is heavier than any of my pendants, but it lies easily when worn, and doesn’t feel heavy.  On the back is a rose in a heart.  I kept the back simple this time because of the weight.

Materials:  The Phoenix is made entirely with Fine Silver.  I took a vote from those around me for the color of the eyes and the Blue Sapphire won significantly.  And, I planned to paint 23K Gold, but that didn’t work.  So there is actually 24K Gold and quite a lot!

Measurement:  She is 2 1/2″ in length and 2″ in width, as she has her wings spread open.

Care:  Use your jewelry cloth to always ensure she shines brightly.  Remember, you can use your cloth until it’s thread bare.  And, don’t wash the jewelry cloth, ever!

Meaning: A new phoenix rises from the ashes of its dead predecessor. This is symbolic of rebirth, hope, renewal, progress, the end of oppression, and eternity.


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