Pressy Rose Totem Necklace

$155.15 PST 7%

This necklace is both unique and small.  Also, it can be paired with other necklaces or worn alone, and, sure to be loved by rose lovers!


Story:  I’ve named this rose totem necklace Pressy, after someone special.  Each rose petal, leaf, and vine was made by hand.  Therefore, this necklace would be for the person who wants something both unique and small.  Also, this necklace can be paired with other necklaces or worn alone.  This is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves roses!

Materials:  This rose totem necklace is made from 0.999 Fine Silver.  Patina is used to show both detail and depth.

Measurement:  The Pressy rose totem necklace is 1 1/8″ long and 1/2″ wide.

Meaning:  Roses symbolize love and passion.


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