Stained Glass Window Earrings


These hand-carved and hammered Stained Glass Window Earrings sparkle and shine even without the stained glass! They are statement earrings for all occasions


Story:  Anyone who knows me knows that I am a spiritual person and love stained glass windows, especially in cathedrals.  So there is no surprise that I would make these Stained Glass Window Earrings.  They are simple in that they are carved, hammered, and sparkle even without stained glass!  I think these statement earrings are suitable for any attire.

Materials:  These earrings are made with Fine Silver and hang on Sterling Silver ear wires.

Measurement:  The earrings measure 1 1/2 x 1″ in a teardrop shape.

Care:  Use your jewelry cloth to keep the shine and sparkle.

Meaning:  These Stained Glass Window Earrings represent, purity, the heavens, and spirituality, even without the colored glass inside the carved earrings.

NOTE:  These earrings can ONLY be purchased at Arts Off Main Gallery.  Please see my Events Page for more information.


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