Sterling Silver Ring with Variscite


This Sterling Silver Ring with Variscite is stunning and suitable for either a man or a woman. The green-blue color is captivating.

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Story:  I wanted to make a large with a powerful and beautiful green-blue color.  Once I saw this gemstone I knew I had to make something special.  This ring would suit either a man or a woman.

Materials:  This ring is made with Sterling Silver.  The Variscite is a 10mm cabochon.

Measurement:  This Sterling Silver Ring with Variscite is a Size 9.

Care:  Variscite is a soft gemstone of just 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 Mohs, so you will want to be gentle with the cleaning.  Use warm water with a gentle soap to clean it.  Rinse and then dry with a clean cloth.  Use your jewelry cloth to keep the Sterling Silver clean and sparkly.

Meaning:  Variscite is an exceptional heart stone.  It helps you promote inner peace and clarity of mind.  Also, it helps you to slowly establish control over your emotional body.  This gemstone is not only grounding, it’s associated with gaining wealth.


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