Tanzanite Necklace


This double-strand Tanzanite Necklace is absolutely elegant! The 14KGF beads shimmer amongst the blue hues. And you will calmly glimmer.


Story:  Once I saw the color of this gemstone I knew I had to make something special.  There are several strands of beads here; two different shapes, rondelle, and teardrop, and a lot of 14KGF.  This elegant, two-strand Tanzanite Necklace will make anyone look like royalty.  It is captivating and you will definitely stand out in the crowd.

There are earrings to match, so check them out!

Materials:  There are 5 & 3mm faceted rondelle Tanzanite beads, as well as faceted tear-drop beads.  There are also several sizes of 14KGF beads.

Measurement:  The longest strand is 21″ long.

Care:  You can use warm water with mild soap to wash this necklace.  Dry with a clean, soft, dry towel.  Your jewelry cloth will keep the gold shining brightly.

Meaning:  Tanzanite is known as the gemstone of transformation. Shimmering in soft shades of beautiful blue and with mesmerizing mystical energy, Tanzanite is a rare and precious gem that helps us to kick out old patterns and helps us to manifest our powers for the higher good.  It is a good stone to wear or have near in situations where you need a calming and soothing presence.


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