Textured Heart Stud Earrings


These Fine Silver Textured Heart Stud Earrings are a must-have! They provide sparkle to your face and love to all who see you.

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Story:  Everyone needs at least one pair of Textured Heart Stud Earrings!  The texture adds sparkle to your ears and face.  And, because they are stud earrings, they are not likely to fall out when you take your mask on and off.  They can be worn daily and with any outfit from casual to formal.  They are your go-to earrings!

Care:  Just give these earrings a rub with your jewelry cloth.  They will shine up quickly.  Remember not to wash your jewelry cloth because that would lessen its efficiency.  You can use this cloth until it’s threadbare.

Materials:  The textured hearts are made from Fine Silver.  The ear post and nuts are made from Sterling Silver.

Measurement:  These heart earrings measure 5/8″

Meaning:  Hearts represent the language of love.


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