As you know I have a series about Walking the Walk, where I introduce you to other small business owners whose products I buy.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to my friend Marzena!  I’ve been buying her products for years and she will start my 2022 introductions!  We met as vendors in New Westminster.

Please Tell me a Bit About Your Background

I began as a make-up artist for TV and film.  Having done this for many years I developed an interest in healthy products for the skin.  I started researching what products were being used and found that most commercial brands contain chemicals that are toxic to our bodies.  It was because of this that I began making my own products.

It started small.  I only made products for myself, my family, and my close friends.  And at this time I only had 8 products.  Now there are 80 products!  I never stop learning!

Explain your journey that lead you to the art form that called you.

Actually, I “listened” to my customers!  I listened to what they wanted and did the research to develop those products.  Their inquires and my research lead me into the fields of aromatherapy and spirituality.

How did you come to decide to make this a business?

Purity by Green Envy Cosmetics

My friends who were using my products and loving them were pushing me to share them with more people.

Shortly after opening my Etsy store with only 8 products, my massage oil became a bestseller out of over 7000 other massage oils on Etsy worldwide! I knew I was doing something right and my business grew naturally. 

I’m also a “Star Seller” on Etsy, which means that I provide a great customer experience and consistently earn 5-star reviews.

Business names are important.  How did you come up with your business name?

I asked my friends and customers to vote for a business name!  I make green products.  Green is my favorite color.  And Green Envy Cosmetics is something everyone can understand.

What is your favorite product?  Or What do you like to make the best?

I don’t have a favorite product.  My whole heart goes into everything I make!

Where does your inspiration come from?

/ LavenderSoyWaxCandle
Lavender Soy Wax Candle

I have had books since I was a teenager on chrystals and aromatherapy.  So I think that my inspiration has always been a part of me.

My paternal grandmother did much the same thing back in her village in Poland.  I only learned of this from her friend because she died early.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

I see my business growing much bigger!  My dream is to have people working for me!

How do you market your products?

Full Moon by Green Envy Cosmetics

I market my products through Etsy and my website.  Also, I post on Instagram and Facebook.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to anyone who is thinking about starting their own business?

Just go for it!  Don’t wait for a second!  If you have a goal and know what you want, it will happen, whether you have the money or not.  Don’t let doubt and fear hold you back.






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