My website design teacher, Vicki Jakes, suggested that I write blogs telling the story behind the pieces of my jewelry. Because I only do one of a kind, there is always a story! This is my current one, so here goes!

I think whether you are a part of a church, synagogue, temple, or community group they likely have fundraisers.

Currently, I attend a church that I joined via Zoom during Covid mostly because of the preaching. Usually, I join a church for the choir, but in Covid, I found myself drawn to the warmth and kindness shown through David’s, (the Rector) preaching.

Fund Raiser

This isn’t like any other blog I’ve written. It’s more personal.

At this particular church, they have never had jewelry at their silent auction. WOW! It’s exciting to be the first.

We have been hearing about the cross all throughout Lent. David’s preaching spoke about the cross in many ways I had never considered.

Being me, I started to draw and explore what this all meant to me.

Designing the Cross

Every cross I’ve made has sold and no two have been alike. This is my starting point when I’m working on any design. I have a saying for myself, “if I can draw it, I can make it”.

So off I went with my ideas.


I wanted this cross to be for either a man or a woman. I also wanted it to reflect the sermons and my readings.

I chose a Malachite gemstone (8mm) to represent God. You might ask why Malachite? Malachite is a stone that attunes one to spiritual guidance. Also, if you look at the Book of Malachi in the Old Testament, it means “my messenger”. So, I couldn’t think of a better gemstone to use.

The cross isn’t cut perfectly, because I think that reflects the cross of the time. It’s made of Sterling Silver and represents Jesus. This one is obvious.

But then there is the Holy Spirit. I wanted to use wind for Sophia, as the Holy Spirit is called… But that wasn’t working. So I thought of fire, as in the burning bush with Moses.

My intention was to represent the Trinity of God.

We Are Never Alone

Rev. David is always preaching that we have a God who loves us and wants to help us. This cross represents Love in so many ways, more than I can say. Because that’s who God is. And it’s true, we are never alone!

It is given as a gift to my church, knowing that it will not only benefit the parish but be with God’s intended person from the silent auction.

‘The You Are Never Alone Cross’ will be at a special gala at St. Dunstan’s Anglican Church in Aldergrove. If you are interested please visit St. Dunstan’s Anglican Church, Aldergrove’s website at This event will feature music by Steve Elliott (the Elvis Presley of the Lower Mainland), a catered dinner by Sto:lo Catering, and a silent auction. Tickets are available on the website.

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