Black Star Ring


This hand-carved flush set ring is one that can be worn daily.  It can be paired with other rings to make it wider, or worn alone.


Story:  This Black Star Ring began as a lump of clay.  It is wider at the top, which gives room to both carve and flush set the gemstone.  “Flush set” means that the gemstone is set at the same level as the metal.  And, having the ring smaller on the bottom, therefore, provides you with a comfortable fit.  Consequently, this ring is great for everyday wear.  It is called a Black Star Ring because of the way I carved it to make it look like a star.

Materials:  The ring is made from 99.9% Fine Silver.  The 3mm Black Cubic Zirconia was made in a lab.

Measurements:  This ring is Size 6 3/8.

Meaning:  Cubic Zirconia is thought to get rid of negative energy that you got without noticing it, and to help you with your goals.


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