Cameo Earrings


These Cameo stud Earrings were made to complement the Cameo Pendant. They depict a young woman with long hair, and are made with Fine Silver.


Story:  After making the Cameo Pendant I wanted to make Cameo Earrings to go with it.  These are small stud earrings which I think complement them well.  Please see the Cameo Pendant as well.  The image is of a young woman with long hair.

Materials:  These earrings are made of Fine Silver.

Measurement:  The stud earrings measure 5/16 by 1/4″ oval.

Care:  Keep your Cameo earrings shining brightly with your jewelry cloth.

Meaning:  Cameos were originally carved from a shell and depicted as someone or something special.

NOTE:  These earrings can ONLY be purchased at the Winter Treasures Artisan Market in Port Moody.  Please see my Events Page for more information.  The Item Code is CLA06.


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