Canadian Loon Pendant


This stunning, hand-carved Canadian Loon Pendant features a Star Ruby. You are sure to shine when wearing this brilliant pendant!

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Story:  I love birds of all kinds, but I wanted to make a pendant that was Canadian.  That is how I decided to make the Canadian Loon Pendant.  And of course, I wanted to make it even more special, so I added a Star Ruby!  What could be better?  It is all hand-carved.

Materials:  The pendant is made from Fine Silver and features a Star Ruby.  It sits on a Sterling Silver chain.

Measurement:  The Star Ruby is 8×6 mm.

Care:  Use warm water and mild soap to clean it.  Dry with a clean soft cloth.  Then use your jewelry cloth to polish it up to keep the shine.

Meaning: The loonie refers to the $1 Canadian coin and derives its nickname from the picture of a solitary loon on the reverse side of the coin.  The Loon is a solitary bird of the wilderness that symbolizes tranquility, serenity, and the reawakening of old hopes, wishes and dreams. The Loon relies on water and water is a symbol for dreams and multiple levels of consciousness, thus Loons teach us to follow our hopes, dreams, and wishes.

The Star Ruby assists in recognizing the true abundance available within your life.  The ancients believed that star ruby gems were very powerful talismans, a guiding star for travelers and seekers of all kinds.  The ruby is known as a protective stone that can bring happiness and passion into the life of the wearer.


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