Celtic Love Knot Necklace


This Celtic Love Knot Necklace is very romantic. It represents never-ending love with the depth of the ocean.


Story:  This Celtic Love Knot Necklace is etched.  It is etched in a circle on a circular background.  And the beautiful deep blue Cubic Zirconia represents the depth of love.  The color, shine, and sparkle have just the depth I was looking for.  I loved learning how to etch, but I don’t do it anymore because it’s not the best for the earth.  So, this is one of two necklaces I have left that are etched.

Care:  This necklace is easy to keep shiny with a jewelers cloth.

Materials:  This necklace is made with Sterling Silver.  And, as I mentioned above, the gemstone is Cubic Zirconia.

Measurement:  This necklace measures 1 1/4″ in diameter.

Meaning:  This is a Celtic Love Knot.  The circle means that it’s a never-ending, continuous love.  And the blue gemstone represents the depth of love, like the depth of the ocean. I think it’s fair to say that this is a romantic necklace.


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