Sterling Silver Lace Heart Necklace


This is a Sterling Silver Lace Heart on Red Bronz. The lace pops and won’t catch on your clothes. Great to wear with any outfit.


Story:  I love lace!  So I wanted to try it out in Sterling Silver!  It’s beautiful!  The next challenge was to keep it from catching on my clothes, so I put a backing of Red Bronze and now it pops!

Materials:  I used Sterling Silver and Red Bronz for this necklace.  Remember, bronze is an alloy of copper, and therefore, it’s antimicrobial.  So go ahead and touch it!

Measurement:  This heart measures 2 1/2 x 2″, and hangs on an 18″ Sterling Silver Chain.

Meaning:  There is nothing like a heart to express your love for her!  And, if she is someone who appreciates lace, she will love this necklace!

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