Tourmaline Dangly Earrings


These beautiful Tourmaline Earrings sparkle and sway with your every move. They go perfectly with the Apatite Necklace or on their own.


Story:  I made these Tourmaline Dangly Earrings to go with the Apatite and Tourmaline necklace.  These are beautiful dangly earrings.

Materials:  These earrings feature Gold Vermeil Tree of Life and 14KGF ear wires.  A faceted dark blue Cubic Zirconia and three faceted labradorite beads complete the look.

Measurement:  The earrings dangle 2″.

Care:  Use your jewelry cloth to keep the shine sparkling.

Meaning:  Tourmaline is a stone of reconciliation.  It is a stone that fosters compassion and cool-headedness.  Also, it radiates energy that attracts money, healing, and friendship.  This gemstone is used for grounding purposes, to stabilize, and reaffirm our Earth roots. Labradorite is a mystical gemstone that enhances mental clarity and brings about transformation.  It is considered a tremendously spiritual stone, making it especially helpful for people who tend to overwork. Labradorite helps you regain energy while aiding your body and spirit in healing themselves.


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