Citrine Ring


This is a lovely Citrine Ring on a thin, hammered, round Sterling Silver band. The ring is size 8 1/4, and the stone has excellent clarity and radiates warmth.


Radiate warmth with our Citrine Ring.

The golden glow of Citrine meets handcrafted excellence.

You can wear or stack this ring with other rings, making it versatile.

The Citrine is a 5mm cabochon, rounded with a flat bottom.

The gemstone has excellent clarity.  The band is made of sterling silver and is thin for comfort.

This ring is size 8 1/4.

Citrine is the “success stone,” merchant’s, or “money stone.”

The vibrant yellow color and shining clarity often represent a healthy mind, body, happiness, and success.

Because of its yellow color, Citrine is considered a joyous stone with sunshiny energy that brightens the lives of those who wear it.

Order your sunny accessory for a touch of positivity.



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