Mandala Pendant


This Mandala pendant features two mandalas in one. It is made with 960 Sterling Silver and sparkles in the light. It’s a timeless piece.


Story:  This Mandala Pendant actually has a small mandala on top of the larger mandala.  I’m fascinated with them, and this one sparkles as the light dances on it.  It is something that can be worn daily with jeans, to work, or out for the evening.  The back is decorated with the moon and stars.  I’m enjoying decorating little surprises for you on the back of my pendants.

Materials:  This pendant is made with 960 Sterling Silver.  The chain is 925 Sterling Silver.

Measurement:  The mandala is 1 1/4″ round at its six points.

Care:  You can use a mild soap in warm water to clean.  Dry with a clean soft cloth.  Use your jewelry cloth to bring out its sparkle.

Meaning:  The literal meaning of the word Mandala means circle.  Ancient Hindu scriptures depict mandalas as a period of creativity, of powerful existence, and a symbol of deeper connection with self and the universe at large.


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