Fine Silver Floral Heart Necklace

$196.88 PST 7%

This handmade Fine Silver Floral Heart Necklace is timeless! It can be worn alone or layered, and it definitely says you are loved!


Story:  This heart is filled with flowers.  It is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, or any day!  It’s always a good time to show someone just how much they are loved. This necklace goes with any outfit. Therefore, it can be worn alone or layered.

Materials:  This Floral Heart Necklace is made of Fine Silver, 99.9% Silver.  The heart hangs on an 18″ Sterling Silver, 92.5% Silver, chain.

Measurement:  The floral heart is small, measuring only 21 x 23mm, or 7/8″ in length.

Meaning:  Flowers and hearts always go together when you think of love.


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