Tiger’s Eye Pendant


This Tiger’s Eye Pendant is definitely a statement piece. The back is also spectacular with a framed dragonfly on a tree made of Fine Silver.


Story:  The Tiger’s Eye gemstone itself is absolutely stunning.  So I wanted to complement it with a backing that could stand on its own.  The back is a framed tree with a dragonfly sitting on it.  The bail also gives you the choice of wearing it with a leather choker, or a curved Sterling Silver choker, or keeping it simple and wearing it on its chain.  The Tiger’s Eye Pendant is really a statement piece that would sit well on a winter sweater.  It is surely a piece that will be noticed!

Materials:  I used Fine Silver (99.9% Silver) to make this pendant.  It hangs on an 18″ Sterling Silver chain.

Measurement: The pendant measures 1 1/4″ by 1″.

Care:  Use mild soap and warm water to clean the gemstone.  Dry it with a clean, soft towel.  To keep the Silver shining brightly, use your jewelry cloth.

Meaning: Tiger’s Eye combines properties that promote vitality. If you want to take charge of your personal power and prevail over emotional blocks, this gemstone is perfect. Its bold, encouraging energy also works wonders when it comes to attracting wealth. It can help transform toxic feelings into more positive ones. And, it may assist you in changing your perspective to view obstacles as challenges rather than setbacks. This gemstone will empower you to move past fear and build up your courage. Tiger’s Eye helps you remember that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to.

NOTE:  You can ONLY purchase this pendant from Camille’s Boutique Gallery.  Please see my Events Page for more information.

NOTE:  Please check out Earrings to see Tiger’s Eye Earrings.  You just may want both!


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