Sapphire Rose Earrings

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These Sapphire Rose Earrings were made petal by petal. I love sapphires, so I added a blue Sapphire in the center of these stud earrings. A classic!


Story:  These Sapphire Rose Earrings were made to accompany the pendant.  Again each petal of the rose was hand-made starting with a tiny lump of clay on my thumbnail to form the petal.  As in nature, and because no mold was used, each flower is unto itself.  You can see the differences when you look.  Also, I wanted to add the Blue Sapphire in the center petal mostly because I love Sapphires, to be honest!

These earrings were made to go with the Sapphire Rose Pendant, but they can be purchased separately.  Check out the Product Gallery Products to see the pendant.

Materials:  Fine Silver was used to make the Rose Earrings.  A 2mm Blue Sapphire is in the center petal of each rose.  They have Titanium posts and SS nuts.

Measurement:  These earrings measure 6mm round.

Care:  For care, you can wash with mild soap in warm water.  Dry with a soft, clean towel.  To keep the shine, you can polish it with your jewelry cloth.  Remember not ever to wash your jewelry cloth.  Keep using it until it is threadbare.

Meaning:  Roses symbolize romance, love, beauty, and courage.  The Blue Sapphire brings luck, loyalty, happiness, and love. It is linked to the throat chakra and can be used to enhance self-expression.


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