Handmade Textured Circle Stud Earrings (Copy)

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You can wear these earrings to the gym or work. They can even be worn while cycling. They are also great when wearing a mask!

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Story:  Texture is created by hammering and creates shine and sparkle to these earrings.  They are simple yet elegant, giving you a choice to wear them at the gym or work.  They are perfect to wear with a mask because you are not likely to lose them!

Materials:  I used Argentium Sterling Silver for these earrings.  Argentium Sterling Silver has 93.5 Silver and 6.5 Copper in it.  Copper gives it its strength.  The extra Silver, 93.5% vs. the regular 92.5% Silver in Sterling Silver, means that it requires cleaning less frequently.  Now that’s a bonus!

Measurements:  These earrings measure at 1/2″ round.

Meaning:  The circle is a universal symbol representing totality, wholeness, and original perfection.


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