I am so happy to introduce you to my friend Martin Gregorian, founder and owner of Solasta Chocolate. I met him several years ago at a community market, where I fell in love with his chocolates, and we became friends. Martin is also an amazing photographer of birds.

Please Tell Me a Bit About Your Background

My background is a Masters’s in Urban and Regional Planning. I was also a professional wedding photographer before entering the food industry.

Explain Your Journey That Lead You To Pursue The Food Industry

I have a huge sweet tooth and a love of art. I asked myself, can both be merged into one. Yes! Chocolate was the perfect medium to work with as the flavor combinations possible are endless. 

How Did You Come to Decide to Make This a Business?

I saw a gap in the chocolate industry for truly innovative chocolate flavours and designs. 

Business Names Are Important.  How Did You Come Up With Your Business Name?

A google search for unique words. After endless searches, I settled on Solasta. This is an old Gaelic word that means luminous and shiny. Just like my chocolate!

What is Your Favorite Product?  Or What Do You Like to Make the Best? 

Chocolate bars! My favorite is our Peanut Butter Cookies and Sea Salt Milk Chocolate.

Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

Traveling the world and finding unique flavours and ingredients to work with.

How Would You Describe Yourself From Your Beginnings to Where You Are Now?

The humble beginning of just doing farmers’ markets. Now we still do farmers markets, but more of them plus a lot of wholesale (50plus stores)

Where Would You Like To See Yourself In 5 Years?

Expand across Canada.

How Do You Market Your Products?

Mainly word of mouth and some social media.

What Is The One Piece of Advice You Would Give to Anyone Who is Thinking About Starting Their Own Business?

Make sure you have enough capital to ride out any economic storm. Diversify your income streams. 

Instagram: /solastachocolate

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