So you might have noticed that I spoke about supporting Aunt Leah’s on my website.  No, they have nothing to do with jewelry!  But they absolutely fit in with two of my values:

*  Support Local

*  Giving back to my community

Support Local

I do this here because it’s hard enough growing up, but compound that with being a foster child who is suddenly too old for the system; a single young mother.  Well, you get the picture.  I believe that everyone needs a chance in life.  

Giving back to Your Community

There are women out there without a safety net who run the risk of loosing their children, which is another tragedy for all concerned.  I’m old enough to know that sometimes we are thrown a curve ball, make bad partner choices, etc. and suddenly things are out of control.  And we have learned through our Health Authority that women continue to bear the brunt of this pandemic.

Giving makes you feel more grateful.

About Aunt Leah’s

I actually know the couple who started this charity.  I’m sure this helps.  And her daughter who was a teenager at the time is now the Executive Director!

What is important to me is that they are completely transparent.  They have many resources youth to help:  a thrift store; counseling; groceries; and they provide a safe home, warm meals, a caring staff.  They also help people to complete their post secondary education.

As one person I can’t do a lot, but together we can make an impact.  This is why I choose to contribute to Aunt Leah’s.

What We Can Do Together

Silverfinch Jewelry Design is donating 5% of all proceeds every June and December to this Charity.  I welcome you to join me in this worthy cause.

Support Youth in Care!  Donate and Help Change Lives Today!  “We believe every individual deserves to feel safe, cared for, and have a sense of belonging.”  Aunt Leah’s

Did you know that $100.00 helps 30 Youth in need?  And, in 2019, aunt Leah’s was voted one of the Top 10 Impact Charities in our community.

816 20th Street, New Westminster, BC  V3M 4W6

Tel:  604.525.1204 Fax:  604.525.1295

Registered Canadian Charity #12304 1683 RR 0001

There is always light if we are brave enough to see it.  There’s always light if we are brave enough to be it.”  Amanda Gorman 

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