Alviene Wilkins

I am so happy to introduce you to my friend Alviene Wilkins, owner of Vinca’s Kitchen. You can see so many things I have purchased from Vinca’s Kitchen in my home!

This blog is another in my series of Supporting Small Businesses. All the people I’m introducing to you through this series are people I know and do business with myself. And, they all run their own small business.

Please Tell Me A Bit About Your Background.

 I grew up in a small community outside of Curitiba, Brazil in a german speaking home. I immigrated to Canada at age 21.

Explain Your Journey That Lead You To The Art Form That Called You. 

I have always been drawn to sales. As early as school age I was always trying to sell something to my friend and teachers, be it homemade fudge, fresh strawberries from my mom’s garden or making popcorn.

How Did You Come To Decide To Make This A Business?

I had a great desire to own a business, but did not have one particular one in mind. Destiny took me to work at what was then Cobblestone Cottage, at the right time when the owner was ready to step back. It all worked out for me to buy it.

Business Names Are Important. How Did You come Up With Your Business Name?

At first, I left the name of the store as it was, Cobblestone Cottage, but I did incorporate under the name of Vinca’s Kitchen Ltd. Vinca was an affectionate name my dad used to call me, and my daughters encouraged me to use that. It wasn’t until I moved the store to its current location in 2014, that I officially changed the operating name to Vinca’s Kitchen under the advice of my graphic designer.

What is Your Favorite Product? Or What do You Like To Make The Best?

It is very difficult for me to choose one product in my store since I do all the buying. Probably, to everyone’s surprise, I have a very basic kitchen and am not a gadget person, but will have the best of what I really need. I will admit that I do love my linens and use lovely tablecloths and tea towels on a regular basis.

Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

My greatest inspiration in life has been my Mom. I admire how she has gone through life always with a positive outlook. And she is still that stable woman now! She has taught me to be open-minded, take chances, and work hard at what I believe in.

How Would You Describe Yourself From Your Beginnings To Where You Are Now?

I could say that I compare myself to what started as an empty vessel, that now has plenty in it to share.


Vinca’s Kitchen

Where Would You Like To See Yourself in 5 Years?

Although I still enjoy and love my business immensely, I am working really hard at learning to delegate and would feel very accomplished if I could manage it from a little distance and enjoy more time for myself and my family.

How Do You Market Your Products?

Instagram and Facebook, News Letter, Paper ads.

What Is The One Piece Of Advice You Would Give To Anyone Who Is Thinking About Starting Their Own Business?

“Be scared and do it anyway”. It is the title of a book my Mom gave me once. It helped me a lot to find courage in many situations.



Tele: 604 946 7784

Address: 5042 48th Ave., Delta, BC V4K 1V8

FB: Vinca’s Kitchen

Instagram: Vinca’s Kitchen

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