Herringbone Earrings


The Herringbone Earrings sparkle with every move and look as fabulous with jeans as they do with work attire. They are even suitable for everyday wear if you are someone who doesn’t like to change her earrings every day!


Story:  Sometimes it is just fun to take a shape and play with it.  This is the case with these earrings.  Personally, I love having sparkly earrings that can be worn every day for work or play.  These earrings fit the bill for just that.

Materials:  These earrings are made from Fine Silver (99.9% pure Silver) and dangle from 925 Sterling Silver Ear Wires.

Measurement:  The earrings measure at 3/4 x 1/2″ in a diamond shape.

Care:  Use your jewelry cloth to keep the shine in these earrings.

Meaning:  Herringbone represents status and elegance. The herringbone pattern represents the “fisherman’s catch and thus for success in one’s career”.  The earliest examples of the herringbone pattern can be seen in the intricate jewelry of the Ancient Egyptian elite and in fabric originating in Ancient Italy. In the Roman Empire, the herringbone pattern was used in road paving systems to create extremely durable and stable thoroughfares.

NOTE:  These earrings can ONLY be purchased at Arts Off Main Gallery.  Please see my Events Page for more information.


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