Turtle/Hummingbird Lentil Necklace


This Turtle/Hummingbird Lentil Necklace covers two of the four elements of nature, water, and air. You can easily wear either side out.

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Story:  This Turtle/Hummingbird Lentil Necklace represents the sea and the air.  A lentil bead is all about making two domed spears and putting them together.  This way, you end up with a hollow bead.  I happen to be fascinated with sea turtles and hummingbirds.

Care:  This necklace can be easily cared for with a jewelers cloth.

Materials:  The lentil bead is made of Fine Silver, and hangs from an 18″ Sterling Silver chain.

Measurement:  This necklace measures 1″ in diameter.

Meaning:  Sea turtles symbolize patience, wisdom, endurance, and good luck.  And hummingbirds represent joy and happiness.  The hummingbird spirit animal is here to help and guide you.  Water and Air are two of the four elements of nature.


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