Sophia Turquoise Pendant


This unique Sophia Turquoise Pendent will bring a smile to someone’s heart who loves Turquoise. It’s a pendant that keeps giving.


Story:  The Sophia Turquoise Pendant is made like a puzzle.  There are many pieces that come together, some plain and some patterned.  After being assembled Sophia was decorated, both front and back, providing you with secret treasures.  The bail is hidden and also decorated.  I wanted her to be a piece that kept giving to her wearer.  She is crowned with a Grade AAA, 12mm Turquoise gemstone.  You can’t get better than that!  And she was so much fun to make!

Materials:  This pendant is made with 950 Sterling Silver.  And the 12mm Turquoise cabochon is Grade AAA.  The chain is 925 Sterling Silver.

Measurement:  The pendant is 2” long and 1″ wide at its widest point.

Care:  Don’t use any harsh chemicals on the Turquoise.  It can be cleaned with mild soap and lukewarm water.  Then dry with a soft dry towel.  Clean the Silver with your jewelry cloth.  Remember that your cloth will get black and look quite dirty, but don’t wash them.  They can be used until they are thread born.

Meaning:  Turquoise represents wisdom, tranquility, protection, good fortune, and hope.

NOTE:  This pendant can ONLY be purchased at Camille’s Boutique Gallery in Ladner.  Please see the Upcoming Events page for more informatiion.


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